5 Best Tree-Free Toilet Paper – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2019

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2019)

More and more organizations are offering tree-free and eco-friendly options to regular toilet papers as well as paper towels, napkins, and many other tissue paper items.

Most of these eco-conscious firms also decide not to utilize chlorine, a common toxic chemical which is used to bleach toilet paper which later pollutes the environment and can lead to chronic illnesses.

Tree-free toilet papers can be made using different materials. Most often, it’s a blend of bamboo and sugarcane bagasse, the gristly byproduct left after the sugar is extracted.

This combination happens to produce some of the best toilet papers on the market because it’s softer than many recycled paper products.

Sugarcane and bamboo fibers are both incredibly strong, and they also decompose pretty fast back into the ground. Besides, sugarcane and bamboo are grasses that grow fast, and they’re also sustainable.

Sugarcane grows twelve inches every month, while timber grows only two inches per month. Moreover, bamboo does not have to be replanted since the cut stem only grows back in a couple of months.

Sugarcane and bamboo products are generally virgin fibers, which mean they don’t need heavy bleaching of dyes and inks as most recycled toilet paper products do.

Eco – sugarcane bagasse is broadly available but in most cases burned and discarded, releasing a lot of pollutants into the atmosphere.

That means, using sugarcane bagasse when making toilet paper prevents both burning and wasting.


best bamboo toilet paper

1. Smitten – Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper

smitten toilet paper
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If you are conscious about the materials that make up your toilet tissue or are tired of using bad toilet papers, then Smitten Bamboo toilet paper is an excellent option for you.

Smitten Tissue Products refers to a family business which was created for the sole objective of bringing a better and new toilet tissue for customers.

The Smitten Bamboo toilet paper is a 3-ply toilet product which is eco-friendly, healthy, comfortable, and also convenient to use.

This tree-free toilet tissue is made from organic bamboo as the primary raw material, a plant that offers you numerous benefits.

Bamboo grows fast and is sustainable because you don’t have to replant it since the cut stem grows back in a couple of months. Bamboo is biodegradable and compostable, which makes this product eco-friendly.

It also decomposes quickly back to the ground, which means that the Smitten toilet tissue breaks down completely once it gets to your septic system.

Therefore, you will not have to worry about sewer clogs or drainage blockages in your home at all.

The Smitten toilet paper does not have any chemicals, dyes, inks, bleaching agents, or scented flavors. It’s also lint-free, antibacterial and hypoallergenic, making it safe to use on the skin.

Moreover, the toilet tissue is satin soft and does not cause any skin irritation, which makes it an ideal product for people with skin sensitivities. This toilet paper offers you a luxurious toilet paper without harming the planet Earth.


  • The Smitten bamboo toilet paper does not contain any dangerous chemicals. There are no dyes, inks, bleach agents, scents and, itchy glues used or added when the product is being manufactured.
  • This toilet tissue is an excellent option for sensitive skin and allergy relief due to its hypoallergenic formula and antibacterial properties.
  • The Smitten toilet paper is septic-safe and biodegradable for all types of septic systems.
  • The Smitten toilet paper is multi-purpose because you can utilize it for RVs, travel, camping, boats, and backpacking, among other things.


  • The product is only available in bulk; you cannot buy in smaller quantities.

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2. Bim Bam Boo – 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper

bim bam boo toilet paper
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Bim Bam Boo refers to a 2-ply bamboo toilet paper specially designed for people with sensitive skin. This toilet paper is tree-free, 100% bamboo, and also certified by USDA BioPreferred Plant-Based.

The Bim Bam Boo toilet tissue is also septic safe as well as 100% biodegradable for sewer systems.

The toilet papers are individually wrapped in recyclable and compostable material, and every toilet tissue contains approximately 308 sheets of papers. One pack usually contains a total of 24 rolls.

Bim Bam Boo toilet tissues are chlorine-free and do not contain any harsh chemicals. It’s also tested lint-free.

Since this toilet paper is hypoallergenic, it guarantees you that it is an excellent option for robust plumbing and sensitive skin. It’s also incredibly comfortable when being used on the skin, and does not leave behind any residues.

Bim Bam Boo comes in plastic-free packaging, which means it’s safe to the environment.

Even though the manufacturer of the product claims that it’s septic-safe, reviews from some customers indicate that this tree-free toilet paper does not break down pretty well in the sewer.

This drawback might lead to drainage issues in the septic toilets and drainage pipes in older buildings as well.


  • The Bim Bam Boo does not contain any harmful chemicals. There are no chlorine bleach agents, formaldehyde, itchy glues, and BPA used or added in the manufacturing process of the product.
  • Due to the exclusive hypoallergenic formula, Bim Bam Boo is ideal for sensitive skin and assists users in experiencing allergy relief.
  • This toilet paper is reliable when you look at its main component. It’s certified by USDA BioPreferred Plant-Based, as well as 100% Bamboo-based and Tree-Free.
  • The toilet paper comes in plastic-free packaging. Every tissue is separately wrapped in fully compostable and recyclable paper.


  • Although this Bim Bam Boo product claims to be septic-safe, some customers’ reviews indicate that it does not break down completely.

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3. WHOLEROLL – Organic Bamboo Toilet Paper

wholeroll toilet paper
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WholeRoll is a 3-ply toilet paper which is made using organic bamboo. The toilet paper is relatively soft, sturdy, and it does not shed at all.

If you are the kind of individuals who are normally conscious of the specific materials that make up your toilet papers, then this product might be the best option for you.

The product is Chlorine- and BPA-free, which means it’s safe to use on your skin. The WholeRoll organic toilet tissue is also septic safe, and it dissolves completely in the sewer system.

That means that your drainage system will be free from any blockages, and especially if your sewer has an older plumbing system.

However, you should know that if you are already used to incredibly soft toilet papers, you may find yourself a bit uncomfortable when using this product from WholeRoll.

Some customer reviews also state that this organic toilet tissue is relatively stiffer than many other toilet papers out there.

Nevertheless, if you are keen on the structure of toilet papers, then this product is an excellent option for you.


  • The toilet paper is unscented, lint-free, and does not contain any absorbents, or chlorine bleach. That means that the product is safe on the skin, and it can also be used as a natural makeup remover.
  • The WholeRoll toilet paper is more natural and better clean for the bum, and it’s multi-purpose and 100% organic.
  • The WholeRoll toilet tissues come in smart packaging, which makes it pretty easy to store, especially when you buy in bulk.
  • This product is ideal for potty training because it provides a natural cleaner to the delicate bottom of the kids. Moreover, the whole family can also use this organic toilet paper because it gives a natural wipe.


  • Although its environment-friendly, this toilet paper does not guarantee ultimate softness. Some users might find it tougher than conventional toilet papers.

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4. Dream Bright – 100% Virgin Bamboo Pulp Toilet Paper

dream bright toilet paper
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Dream Bright toilet paper is a 3-ply product made from 100% organic bamboo pulp. Earth Friendly Bamboo normally grows faster than other trees, and are also sustainable.

It does not require fertilizers or any pesticides and is usually ready to harvest as fast as three to four months.

Bamboo also assists in slowing global warming since it removes some carbon dioxide from the air and releases approximately 35% more oxygen than the trees, which means that the tissue paper is eco-friendly.

Bamboo also provides the unique attribute of enjoying some incredible antibacterial properties which are vital to ensuring its impressive regenerative abilities and longevity in nature.

When the bacteria try to grow and embed on the toilet paper fibers, the natural resistance of the unique antimicrobial agent known as Bamboo Kun fights the bacteria, which later protects the fiber keeping your toilet paper sterile and fresh.

Bamboo is generally virgin fibers, which mean that they don’t require heavy bleaching of any dyes and inks like most recycled paper products do.

Due to this reason, the manufacture of the Dream Bright toilet paper does not use any chemicals during the production process, which makes it safe to use on the skin.

Moreover, this toilet paper is septic safe, which means that it breaks down completely once it gets into your septic system.


  • Bamboo and sugarcane raw materials are the primary resources used to make the Dream Bright toilet paper, this tissue is eco-friendly, and it gives you a more sustainable alternative to the tree-based options out there.
  • The product is free of chlorine bleach and other harmful chemicals, which makes it pretty safe to use on the skin.
  • The Dream Bright toilet papers are usually septic-safe and completely biodegradable for all types of septic systems. It breaks down completely once it gets to your sewer system.


  • The packaging of the product is not completely biodegradable, but the manufacturer is in the process of developing new compostable packaging.

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5. Caboo – Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

caboo toilet paper
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Caboo tree-free toilet paper is made from sugarcane and bamboo. These two resources are growing fast and are also sustainable.

The manufacturer of this product does not use any harmful chemicals during the production process.

The toilet paper is chlorine – and BPA-free. Apart from that, the product does not contain any GMOs, parabens, and fragrance.

That’s because sugarcane and bamboo products are generally virgin fibers, which mean they don’t need heavy bleaching of dyes and inks as most recycled toilet paper products do.

Instead of using harmful chemicals, the toilet paper is whitened using hydrogen peroxide, and it’s also hypoallergenic-free.

Therefore, Caboo Tree-Free toilet paper is an ideal product for people with chemical sensitivities.

This product is also septic safe because sugarcane and bamboo fibers are both incredibly strong, and they also decompose pretty quickly back into the ground.

That means that you will not have to worry about sewer clogs or any blockage issue because the Caboo toilet paper will break down completely during the sewer process.

One major drawback of the Caboo toilet paper is that users might find them stronger than conventional two-ply toilet papers.

Besides, in spite of being two-ply, this toilet paper is pretty thin, which means you might find yourself utilizing more to make up for it.

The product is also not as soft as a regular two-ply so, you might confuse it with a single-ply toilet paper.


  • Since bamboo and sugarcane are the main resources used to make the Caboo toilet paper, this product is environment-friendly, and it provides you with a natural and sustainable option to conventional tree-based toilet papers.
  • The Caboo toilet papers are multi-purposes because people can use them for RVs, travel, camping, boats, and backpacking, among other things.
  • This product is septic-safe as well as 100% biodegradable for all types of sewer systems.


  • Although the Caboo toilet paper is a two-ply product, the tissue is incredibly thin, and most people think it’s a single-ply.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Tree-Free Toilet Papers

Choosing a suitable toilet paper is an incredibly important decision, which means you should keep your preferences and own situation in mind when considering your options.

Here are some of the main factors you should consider when shopping for tree-free toilet papers.

1. Ply

When you are deciding on the ply to purchase, you will have to make some compromises. In general, a single-ply utilizes less material and offers you up to five times more toilet sheets per roll than a higher ply.

However, it can be pretty rough and less comfortable to the body when using it.

On the other hand, a 3- or 2-ply toilet paper is remarkably softer on your body, which can be incredibly important if it is made from a less soft material.

Nonetheless, it utilizes more material, and you will probably find yourself going your through rolls at a faster rate.

2. Chemical-Free

When trees are being processed into the soft white toilet papers, you use in your home, and some harsh chemicals are usually used in the production process.

Chemicals like BPA, bleach, and chlorine are often found in toilet tissues made from both recycled papers as well as trees.

Some of these chemicals and additives can be quite harmful to both the environment and human beings, which means it’s good to look for toilet papers that explicitly outline they are made without these chemicals.

3. Septic-Safe

If you’ve got a septic toilet in your home, you probably know that you should buy toilet papers that are specifically made to break down once they get in your septic system.

However, if you do not have a septic toilet, it still makes a lot of sense to purchase toilet papers which are septic safe.

There are many advantages that you can enjoy from buying septic safe toilet papers.

For one thing, buying toilet papers that will break down pretty will assist you in preventing any pipe blockages which are toilet paper-related, which can give you some peace of mind especially if you normally live in an older building.

Moreover, septic safe toilet papers that break down pretty fast will not end up in your landfill.

Although all toilet papers are usually designed to break down even before it gets to the filtration level of the solid waste during the sanitation process.

A bit of it does not dissolve, and it ends up contributing to the waste in your home.

4. Tube-Free Rolls

While many toilet papers normally come wrapped around some cardboard tubes to assist in retaining shape.

When you seriously think about it, these tubes are not quite necessary, and that’s why some of the manufacturers have eliminated them.

If you are keen on reducing waste in your home, then buying tube-free toilet rolls might be something you should consider when shopping for tree-free toilet papers.

Besides, you should know that the toilet paper may not unroll as easily as you expect and can even be a bit messy once you get towards the end of the roll.

5. Look for Some Tree-Free Materials Such as Bamboo & Recycled Paper

When it comes to the raw materials that make eco-friendly toilet papers, there are two main options: recycled paper and bamboo.

Each has its strengths and weaknesses, so it’s good to be aware of the differences before you make your purchase.

6. Official Logos & Seals

When shopping for tree-free toilet papers, you should look for something that assures you that the toilet paper is environment-friendly.

One of the quick ways to help you ascertain whether the eco-friendly claims are true is to look for any logos or seals from official organizations.

Some of the most common agencies you will find in most products are EcoLogo, the Forest Stewardship Council certification, and Green Seal.

Nevertheless, it’s significant to keep in mind that just because a toilet paper roll comes with a green label does not automatically guarantee that it’s a high-quality product.

On the other hand, if a toilet paper roll does not come with a seal that does not make it a bad or a low-quality product, either.



Everyone has their unique idea of their ideal toilet paper, and finding one brand that works pretty well for your body can be challenging.

However, things can even become more challenging if you are conscious about the primary resources your toilet tissue is made of and also an environment lover.

Finding a tree-free toilet paper without some plastic packaging is quite impossible in many stores, which leaving customers to search the internet for a product that everybody uses and needs every day.

For the green consumers who’ve already eliminated tree products and single-use plastic packaging from their lives, there’s only one product that makes a plastic- and tree-free life challenging: an eco-friendly toilet paper.

Through in-depth researching and testing, we have compiled a list of the best tree-free and eco-friendly toilet papers on the market for you.

We hope this comprehensive guide will assist you in finding the best tree-free toilet papers for you and your family.

As with lots of things which are suitable for the environment, you will probably be forced to make some compromises.


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