Keto Diet for Women: Is it Effective?

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2020)

There is a great deal of interest today for the Ketogenic diet. Keto diet is a low carb approach that has worked for men and women all over the world, helping them to lose weight and feel their best.

You might have heard about keto in the media today at some point and wondered as a woman, is keto for me? And it most certainly is.

This keto diet approach offers women a way to use a more efficient and cleaner fuel, ketones, to fuel themselves throughout the day.

Glucose is not the only fuel available to the human body; ketones are another healthy option.

Today, many people are doing keto for a lot more than just losing weight; they are seeking overall wellness, and following a low-carb ketogenic lifestyle plays into that.


A New Eating Lifestyle

meat vegetables on keto
As advertised the low-calorie and fat-free approach is the only solution that works, and the most successful approach to dieting.

As a result, there are many items in the market today that swear against fat, dozens of low-fat food items to find in everything from cereals to chips, crackers, and more.

But that has not helped most people get to where they want to be. We can see this because today many people are more overweight and unhealthy than ever.

The interest in keto and the popularity of the ketogenic diet have been growing tremendously in recent years. Now you can even find keto-specific food items coming to market as well, catering to the low carb crowd.

Is all of the fuss worth the hype? Is this a viable diet approach for both men and women? The answer is yes. Find out more about the keto diet.


Difference between Men & Women on Keto

difference men women on keto
How someone experiences weight loss during their keto journey is going to be different for each individual, the same as it would be different between males and females.

Commonly, men tend to lose weight more rapidly on keto, and for women, it may take more time. But this does not mean that the diet overall is not impactful and cannot bring positive results.

Women should be aware of this, and if your goal takes longer than desired, be patient and stick with your plan even if you do not see immediate results.

Women are often going to have more body fat than males.

Think of the simple fact that most women become mothers, having bodies naturally designed for the cause. Men often have more muscle as well, and this is known to increase the fat-burning rate, achieving immediate results.

It is not always the case, but most often, believed that women might see more difficulty in losing weight with keto versus men.

Nonetheless, excellent results are still achievable! You can find plenty of testimonials from women around the world who have successfully used keto to lose weight and stay healthy, including various celebrities.

Other factors play into the overall experience as well.

Take, for example, PCOS, also known as polycystic ovary syndrome, estimated to impact at least 10 percent of the female population.

A factor for women that can affect their keto dieting results, as this endocrine disorder is known to profoundly impact hormones, fuel insulin resistance, and promote weight gain.

It is going to make it all the more difficult for some women to see results desired.

Menopause is another factor for women to consider.

You are going to have to be more patient with a decreasing metabolism and decreasing hormones in seeing success on a ketogenic approach as a woman who might be going through menopause.

It can be harder to try and lose weight during this time, but of course, it should not be impossible. It is essential to stick with ketogenic foods, without having any cheat days, for maximum results.

Aside from these factors that can influence a woman’s success on keto, the ketogenic lifestyle approach is vastly beneficial for all individuals, both men and women.


Benefits That Come with Keto:

  • Improved insulin resistance
  • Restored hormone activity

benefits of keto
Insulin resistance contributes a great deal to illness in society today.

Many people who are struggling to lose weight trying to get their health in check are mostly unaware of insulin resistance.

Reducing carbs, and the amount of sugar regularly consumed is going to help reverse insulin resistance. Every time that we eat insulin spikes, and it spikes more depending on what we eat.

Sugar and carbs can contribute significantly to those insulin spikes for the individual. If you do it often enough, for years on end, you are possibly going to have some insulin resistance trouble as a result.

Imagine snacking all day long or eating 3-5 meals a day that accounts for plenty of carbohydrates and sugar that is going to cause tremendous damage to the body potentially.

Many of those foods are known to fuel inflammation, and chronic; prolonged inflammation is not the recipe for optimal wellness.

For this reason, many people have been following and sticking with the ketogenic lifestyle because, after years of trying everything else, something is finally working for them. Click here what sugar can cause.


No Need for Workouts

no need for workouts on keto
The best thing about the ketogenic diet is that it requires little physical effort, so going to the gym or working out is pretty much optional.

Many overweight individuals have used the ketogenic diet to lose 20, 30, 40 lbs or more, and they’ve never stepped into a gym.

It is possible; you can lose weight without investing in a gym membership.

Many men and women doing keto still attend gyms to promote physical wellness, but it isn’t required because this diet has been beneficial for most people.

Women have seen a great deal of success, which is excellent news to the many mothers out there who may be struggling with bad eating habits halfway killing themselves at the gym, trying to lose the unwanted baby weight.

For those who do not have access to a gym, maybe you are a new mother, and you cannot take the baby out with you to many places to exercise.

You may not have anyone to watch your child even to attend a gym regularly, those who need at-home options, the ketogenic lifestyle could be your solution.

The Ketogenic diet is an excellent alternative for keeping fit without all of the hassles of gym memberships and exhaustive workouts.

Ketogenic meals combined with intermittent fasting has helped many achieve tangible goals! Find out More about Intermittent Fasting.


Stay Consistent & Be Focused

stay focused on keto diet
The goal is to lower insulin, so for women and men, it is essential to eat less frequently and be more mindful about what you are consuming.

Often those who are following a low carb approach are already used to this way of eating. The carb cravings might still be there, and you might struggle for a while until you get well into the keto lifestyle.

Some people feel the effects of what is known as the ‘keto flu’ because they neglect to get the right amount of nutrients while following the ketogenic diet.

So it is essential to stay hydrated, stay getting your needed electrolytes, and continue learning about nutrition and the body.

The more that we can begin to understand ourselves and our bodies, the more informed choices we are going to be able to make for our health.

If not informed on the risks that might come with being keto or are not ready to consider how to tackle cravings when they arise, etc., you will face more difficulty in seeing positive results with the ketogenic diet.

The body is sensitive to drastic changes in nutrition, so you do not want to switch back and forth in the early stages, from high to low-carb eating.

Remember, the goal is to keep your insulin at consistent, more moderate levels. Going back and forth from low to high carb meals spike insulin like a roller coaster ride, again, the goal is keeping insulin at constant lower levels.

Also, you do not want to be consuming high amounts of fat when eating high amounts of carbs; this is not a healthy mix.

If you’re going to explore what keto can do for you, you need to stay focused and determined to be successful in getting great results with the ketogenic lifestyle. 

More information about the keto flu.


Pregnancy & The Low Carb Lifestyle

pregnant on low carb
Okay, so we have heard that keto can help with losing weight and lowering insulin resistance, what else?

Well, it is known to help boost your chances of getting pregnant, regulate your periods, and reduce cravings. There are many women out there today struggling, some of them for years, in trying to start a family.

There are many things that women will try in hopes of giving birth. Many of those options are expensive and painful, but the ketogenic diet is neither.

The ketogenic diet is the most cost-effective approach that a woman could take to boost her chances of getting pregnant.

Studies have shown that women have previously been able to successfully get pregnant after implementing a low carb diet into their lifestyle.

In contrast, it had previously been too difficult for them.

You might also be wondering, well, if it boosts chances of pregnancy, then what about following it while pregnant? That is fine, too, with the consultation of a doctor.


What You Need to Know While Being Pregnant

eating low carb while being pregnant
Being in ketosis while you are pregnant is something that a growing number of women today are experimenting with as keto becomes more popular.

However, the most important thing to consider while pregnant is that the baby is getting the needed nutrients, and so weight loss, of course, is not going to be a high priority on the list.

As well, for many people who might want to keep up with fasting throughout the day and their consumption to a minimum, you also do not want to do this when pregnant.

If you are hungry, if the baby is hungry, you need to eat and fuel your body and protect it.

You need to prepare your body for motherhood and breastfeeding, so you do not want to skimp on the calories and deprive yourself.

The ketogenic diet can be enjoyable because you do not have to feel like you are depriving yourself at any time, there are so many delicious foods that you can still enjoy while trying to stay in ketosis.

Do you love salads? Cheese? Chicken? Bacon? Olives? Pickles? Cucumbers? Ect? There are so many great options to snack on and fill up your plate with; you will never feel deprived.

Over time you will lose those sugar cravings, and you will stop craving the cheap, harmful snacks that you might have been binging on for too long now.


Why You Should Give It A Try

cook healthy on keto
For both men and women around the world, looking and feeling our best is a top priority.

Imagine if there was something that you could do in your life that did not cost you anything, and it could give you tangible results in the way of feeling better or possibly losing weight? Wouldn’t that be worth exploring?

That is probably why so many women around the world today have ventured to try keto for themselves and to see if a low carb diet might work for them.

For millions of us, we are used to carbs and snacking frequently; it is difficult to give up the pizza, chips, noodles, pasta, etc.

But all of those foods fuel disease when consumed without moderation. It can quickly leave you feeling terrible the next day, and over time can contribute to more significant health problems for the individual.

The best thing about keto is that those favorite foods can also be hacked and done in a low carb way.

You can still enjoy your pizza; you need to find a ketogenic version, perhaps cauliflower crust or other versions online.

If you want the bread to make a sandwich that is okay too, there are high-fat bread options that are low carb out there.

Many recipes found online can inspire you to stay on track with your ketogenic goals. It is crucial to get a sense of community going because it can help you to stay on track.

Click here on how to control your sugar cravings.


It Is Not The End of The World There Is Always A Low-Carb Version

you can do keto
Many women on the ketogenic diet are not likely to have that many friends or family who follow alongside.

Many people still want to stick with conventional foods, and that’s fine. But you can go online and seek out keto communities, reinforcing you to stay on track with your low carb healthier way of eating lifestyle.

Search out new recipes for keto foods that you might not have tried, avoiding boredom from eating the same meals all of the time, preventing you from going out of ketosis as a result.

Looking for new recipes and ideas sort of freshens things up a bit, making keto fun for you. Think about what foods you might like to try and do a keto version of it.

There are low carb versions to just about any recipes when it comes to a ketogenic lifestyle. Whether it be cakes, pies, cookies, you name it.

Women can see tremendous benefits from considering this lifestyle approach.

The ketogenic lifestyle keeps insulin in check, takes care of unwanted weight, balances hormones, and helps restore health.

Multiple benefits are associated with the ketogenic diet. Millions of people have looked into the ketogenic way of living for many reasons, despite any marketing dollars being funneled in for years to get keto trending.

It happened by word of mouth to a large extent, due to successful results from people all around who were doing keto and were seeing amazing improvements.

Ketogenic followers are a walking billboard for health, and the success stories found where people talk about what they have experienced with this way of living are undoubtedly enough to inspire many to join along for the ride on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

Click here for keto recipes ideas.


Don’t Put Yourself under Pressure

step by step on keto
The ketogenic diet is not so much of a fad as it is a brand new lifestyle approach, something that reverses decades of thinking and habits and tries to help you form something entirely new for the first time.

A ketogenic lifestyle is going to take time to adjust to; you will not be able to see success overnight.

Remember, results vary on a personal basis due to physical differences in hormones, etc.

Give yourself time to do it healthily and mindfully, you do not want to rush into anything. Educate yourself on the risks associated, prepare your meals so that you are getting a balanced and well-rounded diet.

You want to make sure that you consume plenty of healthy fats and vegetables because that is what the ketogenic lifestyle is all about.

However, macros (Macronutrients) can vary slightly from one person to the next. How you want to do keto is up to you.

Click here to read more about clean keto vs. dirty keto.



keto motivation success story
Some tips that might help you stay on track are connecting with others and joining a keto community so that you can share your personal success story and get motivation from others to keep going.

Prep your meals and think about what you might eat in advance.

Try not waiting to the last minute, then you might rely on a lazy option, and that might be a delivery or fast food selection, this can easily set you out of ketosis.

You need to monitor what carbs you are eating carefully, watch for hidden carbs, know what fats you are taking in, including protein.

If you do not take the time to plan, then it can cause more difficulty for you when looking to stay in ketosis.

But you do not always have to prepare meals, grabbing something keto-friendly from a fast food restaurant is possible.

Think of lettuce wraps or salads, grilled chicken nuggets, or iced coffee without the sweetener. There are many options out there, focus on your ultimate goals, and avoid getting thrown off track.

Keto is a diet that can be tried by anyone, of any age, and has a host of benefits!

Keto for women might take a bit more patience or knowledge, but it is doable, and it is worth pursuing to see results.

Let us know your experience and leave a comment below.

For any further questions/information, please leave a message below.

Cheers to Healthy Living,
Anh-Tu and Sigmund
Anhtu & Sigmund

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  2. Sami

    Through the years, keto dieting in one form or another has been a go-to for me.  Although all the keto diet results were not good for me, using a modified version for a while has worked to move a few pounds when other efforts did not.  I have probably allowed mixed signals to my body about what I want to do through the years.  With typical female reaction, yes can say it is slower, but one I can stay on.  Yes, I eat for all the wrong reasons.  I also have added the Intermittent fasting effort, and together they get results.  I just am on and off the diet wagon enough that my results are slow.  

    However, progress may slow, but the results are that it is easier to keep down what I have lost.  I may not be to my goal, but not so far away now.

    Thanks for the encouragement. Just a final thought. I live in a small town in central Texas.  We don’t have grocery store options that some larger cities have.  Being able to have bone and other broths help to make it easier to stay away from the carb stuff.  We often have slim selections of fresh veggies. That is a definite plus for the Keto diet. Right now, both and no-calorie bubbly water are my go-to’s. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and ideas on the Keto Diet regimen. 

  3. John Keldon

    When it comes to dieting, women and men react differently on the physical side. I think that dieting can be different for each individual. Whether it’s Keto diet or intermittent fasting or other dieting program, it doesn’t matter. I think that the proper science for dieting have a weak point. We haven’t pinpoint what really works or not. It’s the reason why some people see results and some don’t. Some people don’t need to exercise but after following the Keto diet loses weight. Some people need to exercise when on the Keto diet to lose weight. There need to be more studies on metabolism, thyroid, genetics, maybe blood types, and other factors on the individual to see what programs would work best. I can loose 5 to 10 pounds on a single day and gain 5 to 10 pounds. One of the reason for this is, I like to exercise. By the way, it’s a great article for any woman who might want to give it a try.

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