5 Best Food Vacuum Sealer Machines Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2021

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2021)

Food sealers are special devices that protect your food from going bad by removing and blocking oxygen from gaining access to the food container.

The air that we breathe contains about 21% oxygen, which is the primary catalyst of the process known as oxidation (a chemical reaction that results in a substance exposed to oxygen).

Oxygen not only makes food go bad fast, but it also changes coloring. For instance, when foods such as bananas and apples have their peels removed, they usually turn brown over time due to exposure to oxygen.

Food vac sealers help prevent this process by eliminating oxygen from entering the food container, thus increasing your stored food’s lifespan.

When you use a food sealer, you will find your food very well preserved. There will be no change in taste or color. Food vacs are indeed great devices to buy if you want to keep foods such as meat, veggies, and fruit fresh for extended periods. 

But the effectiveness of a food sealer depends on the quality of the food vacuum sealer.

High-quality food vacuum sealers will preserve your food for months and, in some cases, years, while low-quality food vacuum sealers will offer little to no protection to your stored food.

Therefore, it is crucial to purchase a high-quality food vacuum sealer that is efficient and durable.

Today, there are hundreds of food vacuum sealers on the market, and they all claim to be of high quality. As a result, many people are confused about which food vac sealers to choose when shopping for one.

Not all food vacuum sealer machines on the market are of excellent quality as they claim. Therefore, you need to be very careful to ensure that you choose the best food sealers to keep your food fresh, especially for extended storage.

So, are you planning to buy a food vacuum sealer, but you don’t know where to start? If yes, then today, you have landed in the right place.

Hopefully, we have made things a little easy for you by reviewing hundreds of food vacuum sealers on your behalf and compiled a list of the five best food vacuum sealer machines.

We have also included a buyer’s guide to help you make an informed decision when shopping for one.


best food vacuum sealer machines

1. Foodsaver V4400 2in 1 Vacuum Sealer Machine

FoodSaver V4400
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If you are looking for a food sealer machine that is of high quality, durable, lightweight and efficient, then Foodsaver V4400 2in 1 vacuum sealer machine is an excellent choice for you.

This vacuum sealing machine is designed to help keep your food fresh for a long time.

It works by removing air from food containers and creating an airtight seal that preserves your food for months or even years.

This vacuum sealer machine can keep the meat in the freezer for up to three years and still tastes fresh and flavorful when cooked.

This machine is fully automated. It uses an exclusive smart technology that automatically senses the bag and food types to create an ideal aright vacuum seal that will protect your food for a long time.

The smart technology also detects moisture and automatically switches to the right mode to ensure that an airtight seal is achieved.  

The vacuum cleaning system that it is equipped with is efficient in removing all air from the airbag, then uses heat that locks out air, moisture, and freezer burn by creating an airtight seal.

The patented pull-out drip drawer that it features helps trap excess liquid that may fall during the sealing process, thus keeping your container clean. It is also dishwasher safe, meaning that cleaning it won’t be a problem.

The automatic bag detects that it is equipped with makes vacuum sealing easy and stress-free.

All you need to do is put the container in the vacuum chamber, and the sealer machine will do the rest to ensure that your food remains flavorful and fresh for months or even years.

Unlike other vacuum sealer machines that are difficult to use, this machine is super easy to use. It will only take you a few minutes to master how to use this machine.

Most of its functions are automated, making it even much easier to use. Additionally, all its controls are strategically located and well labeled for easy use.

The built-in roll storage and the cutter will allow you to create custom-sized bags that can perfectly seal your containers.

The LED indicator will guide you through the sealing process to ensure that it is airtight.


  • It is equipped with an automatic a bag detection that makes sealing easy and stress free.
  • This machine is fully automated hence easy to use even by the elderly.
  • Foodsaver V4400 2in 1 vacuum sealer machine uses smart technology that detects moisture automatically.
  • Compact and lightweight, meaning that it is easy to carry around and does not consume a lot of space.
  • Foodsaver V4400 2in 1 vacuum sealer machine is backed by five years of limited manufacturer warranty.
  • This vacuum sealer NRTL tested and certified, meaning that it is made of high quality and durable materials and also safe to use.
  • Compatible with many devices, including marinators, zipper bags, freshsaver, and much more.


  • Some customers complain that this machine has issues with sealing bags.

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2. KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Machine


KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Machine
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Although cheap, KOIOS vacuum sealer machine is equipped with incredible features that make it stand out from the rest. This sealer machine can keep your food fresh up to seven times longer than standard storage.

The bottom part of the heating trip is equipped with a mic sheet, which can withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees F.

This is important as t allows the sealing machine to operate continuously over an extended period without any damage.

The built-in cutter that it features will enable you to create custom sizes bags with ease. It also reduces bag wastage by allowing you to get the most out of your vacuum seal roll.

KOIOS vacuum sealer machine features an electromagnetic pump and a pure copper core that delivers high sanction power.

This sealer machine is capable of performing 40 consecutive seals, which is incredible considering its low price.

The one-touch automatic button that it features makes it easy to use the sealer machine, even for people who have no prior experience using it.

This sealer machine is compact and light. This means that the device is easy to carry around and does not consume a lot of storage space.

KOIOS vacuum sealer machine package comes with a replacement seating sponge, cutter, ten unique bags, and a plumbing pipe.


  • Compact and lightweight hence easy to carry around the kitchen and store when it is not in use.
  • KOIOS vacuum sealer machine Nortel tested and certified meaning that it is of high quality and safe.
  • This model can withstand high temperature, meaning that you can continuously to seal your food products.
  • It keeps your food fresh up to 7 times longer thanks to its airtight sealing capabilities.
  • It comes with a clear and concise user manual that is easy to understand.
  • KOIOS vacuum sealer machine offers Worldwide 24 hours customer service, meaning that can get help for experts, whenever you need it.


  • Some customers complain that this machine does not vacuum and seal at the same time.

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3. Foodsaver FM5200 2 in 1 Automatic Sealer Machine


FoodSaver FM5200
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Food saver is a reputable company that has been around for many years.

It is known to manufacture high-quality sealer machines, and Foodsaver FM5200 2 in 1 automatic sealer machine is no exception.

This sealer machine is not only durable, but it is also equipped with premium-grade features that enable it to deliver excellent sealing results.

When you seal your food using this machine, you can be sure that it will stay fresh and flavorful for an extended period.

This machine is equipped with an expressed bag maker that reduces bag-making step by up to 50% making it faster and more efficient than Foodsaver V4000 models.

This is mainly attributed to its unique second heat sealing bar that prepares the next bag automatically. If you want to seal your food fast and efficiently, this is the ideal sealing machine.

This sealing machine is also easy to use.

The easy-view vacuum window that it features will allow you to easily monitor and control the sealing process to ensure that you create airtight seals that will preserve your food for a long time.

The open roll storage design will enable you to see when you need to replace the roll. It also features an LED light indicator that guides you through the entire sealing process to ensure that you create airtight seals.

The dual heat sealing strips that it features enable you to achieve consistent airtight seals.

On the other hand, smart technology automatically detects moisture and switches to the right mode to ensure that airtight seals are easily achieved.

The patented removable drip tray help to trap any overflow liquid, thus ensuring that the container clean. The removable drip tray is also dishwasher safe, meaning that you can easily clean it after use.


  • It is equipped with an express bag maker that reduces bag making step by up to 50%.
  • It is fitted with a vacuum view window that allows easy control and also reduces over 30% of roll waste compared to previous models.
  • This vacuum sealer is equipped with a lower seal and cut bar that makes bulk storage and batch sealing easy.
  • It is equipped with an automatic a bag detection meaning that you don’t have to insert the bag on the vacuum sealer.
  • It is made with high-quality, attractive and durable materials.
  • It is fully automated thus easy to use even by the elderly.
  • This vacuum sealer is backed by five years of limited manufacture warranty.
  • Foodsaver FM5200 2 in 1 automatic sealer machine NRTL tested and certified, meaning that it is safe and effective.


  • Some customers complain that it is not easy to use, it required some form of training to use it effectively.

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4. Foodsaver FM2000 Vacuum Sealer

FoodSavor FM2000
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Foodsaver FM2000 vacuum sealer is a multifunctional vacuum sealer that provides quality sealing results. This vacuum sealer can help protect your food from freezer burns and air, thus keeping them fresh, flavorful for an extended period.

Foodsaver FM2000 vacuum sealer is incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is add food to the bag, then insert it to this machine.

The machine will take care of the rest by removing all air from the bag, thus creating an airtight seal. The device will automatically stop once the sealing process is complete.

In addition to sealing food, this vacuum sealer can also allow you to store creams and liquid and protect important pictures and documents from water damage and mildew.

The patented removable drip tray that it features quickly collects excess debris and liquids from the seals. It is also dishwasher safe hence easy to clean.

The new smart technology detects moisture and switches to the right mode to ensure that airtight seals are achieved. It also uses new technology that uses 40% less bag material than previous Foodsaver models.

If you are looking for a high-quality, durable and affordable vacuum cleaning system, you won’t regret it if you choose the Foodsaver FM2000 vacuum sealer.


  • Uses 40% less bag material than previous Foodsaver models meaning that it is more efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • It is lightweight and compact hence easy to carry around and store when it is not in use.
  • It is made with dishwasher safe material and it is also easy to clean.
  • It is versatile meaning that it can be used to perform different functions including storing creams and liquids.
  • This vacuum sealer can protect your food fresh and flavorful for months or even years.
  • Foodsaver FM2000 vacuum sealer comes with five-year limited manufacturer warranty.


  • Some customers complain that it breaks down easily when used continuously without breaks.

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5. NutriChef Automatic Vacuum Sealer

NutriChef PKVS
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You will fall in love with NutriChef automatic vacuum sealer the moment you lay your eyes on it. This vacuum sealer machine not only boosts incredible features, but its attractive design will also amaze you.

This vacuum sealer will save you thousands of dollars each year by preserving your food and complement your kitchen’s overall look.

NutriChef automatic vacuum sealer is easy to operate. Anybody, including those who have never used a vacuum sealer before, can use this machine with ease.

It is fully automated, meaning that the machine will do most of the tasks. All its controls are strategically located at the center for easy access.

The one-touch buttons make the control process easy and enjoyable. The LED indicator light that it features allows you to monitor the sealing process for perfect seals.

The vacuuming sealing system has two sealing modes, including moist indication and dry indication.

This is important because it allows you to choose a sealing mode that provides the best possible preservation of the foods you want to seal.

For instance, if you have solid food, you can choose the dry indication mode to remove moisture from the bag before sealing.

Lab tests have shown that this vacuum sealer machine can preserve food five times longer than traditional containers.

This means that you are guaranteed that you will preserve your food for a long period when you purchase this machine.

The outer cover of this vacuum sealer machine is made of durable rust and stain-resistant material.

Apart from NutriChef’s automatic vacuum sealer, other accessories included in the package include one extra-long vacuum bag roll, five medium vacuum bags, and a wine stopper cork.


  • It increases food shelf life by sucking the air out of the storage bag making it airtight.
  • It preserves the aroma, taste, and freshness of your food for a long time.
  • It seals both dry and moist food for days and in some cases years.
  • It is lightweight and compact meaning that it is easy to carry it around and store when it is not in use.
  • It comes reusable waterproof air sealing bags, meaning that you don’t have to purchase new ones regularly as it is the case with other brands.
  • It is Full automated hence easy to you use even by the elderly and those who have never used a vacuum sealer before.
  • The outer cover is made of stain-resistant material that is easy to clean.
  • It preserves food five times longer than container and zipper baggies.
  • NutriChef’s automatic vacuum sealer is affordable compared to other vacuum sealers that has the same features.
  • It has a beautiful compact design that is attractive and space saving.


  • Some customers complain that this vacuum sealer machine has poor documentation and limited customer support.

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Best Food Vacuum Sealer Machine Buying Guide

The food vacuum sealer you purchase will determine the quality of results you will get when you seal food.

If you want your sealed food to last for long, you need to buy a quality food vacuum sealer machine that will deliver airtight seals.

In this section, we will discuss important features consider when purchasing a food vacuum sealer machine.

1. Consider The Type of Vacuum Sealer.

There are three types of food vacuum sealer machines. They include handheld, automatic, and semi-automatic.

All these types of vacuum sealer machines have their pros and cons. For instance, automatic sealers are easy to use but quite expensive than other types of sealers.

Automatic sealers on the hand require you to manually open the machine and place the bag inside for it to be sealed while handheld vacuum sealers only remove air from the bag but do not have heat-sealing capabilities.

Choose the type of vacuum sealer that suits your needs.

2. Consider Size & Design.

The size and design are also important factors to consider when buying a food vacuum sealer machine.

Vacuum sealers come in many different sizes and designs. If your kitchen has limited space, it is advised that you choose a small-sized vacuum sealer that will easily fit your kitchen.

Additionally, if you plan to use the machine in multiple areas apart from your kitchen, you should choose one that is lightweight and portable.

However, if space is not a big concern, then you can buy a large-sized vacuum sealer.

3. Ease of Cleaning

Some parts of the food vacuum sealer machine, including the seal bars and drip tray, need to be cleaned regularly.

If you want to have an easy time, you should choose a vacuum sealer machine with removable seal bars and drip tray. This way, you can easily remove them from the machine and clean it.

Seal bars and drip tray should also be dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

4. Consider Bag Storage

If you want to make the sealing process easy and stress-free, then you should choose a vacuum sealer machine with a built-in cutter and storage bag for bag rolls.

However, if you choose a vacuum sealer with these two features, you have to compromise size. Vacuum sealers that have bag storage on the outside are usually more compact and portable.

5. Consider Ease of Use

The last thing you want is buying a vacuum sealer that is difficult to use.

If you want to have an easy time using the machine, you should choose one that is easy to use. Many things indicate if a device is easy to use.

They include the layout of the control panel and where is it is located. The control panel should be easy to access and well displayed.

Fully automated vacuum sealers are also easier to use than semi-automated and handheld vacuum sealers.

6. Consider Special Features

This is a crucial factor that many people usually overlook. Before you make your final decision, it is vital to consider the vacuum sealer’s unique features.

For instance, some vacuum sealers have a special button that allows you to seal wet foods. Others have a unique feature that will enable you to seal more than one bag simultaneously.

Ensure that you choose a vacuum sealer with special features and extras that will make the sealing process seamless.


Best Food Vacuum Sealer Machine FAQ

How Should I Use My Vacuum Sealer to Get The Best Result?

To get the best result when using your vacuum sealer, you should first ensure that you leave enough space on the bag (about four inches).

This is important as it allows the vacuum sealer to suck the air out of the bag properly. If the bag is filled with food to the top, there will be no space to seal it.

It could also lead to contamination. So ensure that you leave adequate space before you seal.

How Long Will Food Last It Is Vacuum Sealed?

Most vacuum sealed food lasts between 3-4 weeks in the refrigerator, much longer than the typical 1-7 days when stored in a standard container on a refrigerator.

Vacuum sealing removes air, thus allowing food last for long without altering their taste, flavor, and aroma.

What Foods Should Not Vacuum Sealed?

Vacuuming sucks the air out of the bag, which encourages the growth of pathogens.

As a result, food that needs oxygen to thrive, such as soft cheese, mushroom, garlic, and onion, should not be sealed. If you vacuum seal them, they will lose their flavor and aroma and will also not last for long time



The food vacuum sealer is not only good for keto diet it’s for everybody. It extended our frozen and dry food for many months in the freezer and it keeps our food longer in the refrigerator.

We can’t even tell you how many times we wasted our food. Thanks to the vacuum sealer we saved so much money on food and we don’t go to the grocery that much anymore. 

We hope we could help you to find the best vacuum sealer machine for your needs.

If you have any feedback or tips to share, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. We’re always happy to help.

Please share your experience/questions/information below.

Cheers to Healthy Living,
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  1. Lee

    Hi Ahn-Tu and Sigmund…I’ve been recently looking at getting a food vaccum sealer, but had no idea there were so many choices available. This article is going to be really helpful to me as it has now easily broken down all the pros and cons of your favorite picks. I wasn’t aware that there were so many different options on these machines either. So thanks for providing all these tips on how to choose the right machine. I think it will really come in handy when I make my final purchase!

  2. Daniel Tshiyole

    This is an essential product that I need in my house! We never finish the food at home and we are always putting it in containers leaving the fridge full. This product will definitely come in handy. I just keep my foods in plastic thus making more space in the fridge for other things. Thank you for this article 

    • Anh-Tu & Sigmund

      Hi Daniel! We’ve had our foodsaver vacuum sealer for 11 years now. We love catching meat sales at the grocery stores, excellent investment so far. 🙂

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    Food sealers are wonderful for preserving food! I had frozen apple pie filling in 2018 and just used it this thanksgiving, it was still really good. These are also handy if you buy meat in bulk because you can bag up smaller portions. This saves a lot of money. They do prevent freezer burn too if you make sure the bag is sealed right. You always want to make sure you buy the correct bags for the machine too. Some cheaper bags are different thickness plastic and will interfere with the machine sealing correctly!

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    Just what I need! I cook and bake a lot. I often need to save space by storing nuts. I have cabinets filled with airtight containers, but they take up too much room. Also, my refrigerator is full of containers and I have no more space! I was thinking about getting one of these vacuum sealers, but I didn’t know that some will not protect my food. I appreciate your review because now I can narrow down my choices. It’s worth it to buy one since a vacuum sealer will allow me to save foods from 3-4 weeks. If I were to buy one of these, it would be the FoodSaver FM5200 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine with Express Vacuum Seal Bag.  At a hefty $159.99, I think it would be worth it.  

    • Anh-Tu & Sigmund

      Hi Shalisha it is definitely worth it, think of all of the food that you can save especially when you come across Grocery sales. Our foodsaver is 11 years old and still seals the deal as the day we bought it! 

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