Top 5 Digital Food Scales in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

(Last Updated On: January 5, 2020)

Are you a health-conscious consumer? There is a useful tool for tracking the number of proteins, carbs, sugars, and other components of the foods you consume.

The best digital nutritional food scale weighs and measures the dietary values of the foods you consume.

Because of the importance of this device, health experts, trainers, and professional bodybuilders often recommend them. It has lots of health benefits.

If you get the right product, it performs multiple functions. First, it tracks nutritional values in the foods you consume.

Thus, making it easier to plan your food. Furthermore, it’s beneficial in maintaining a proper diet. Most importantly, dieting is more accessible and more straightforward with this innovative device.

The scale features a weighing surface and displays the unit. The display unit is where you get relevant information about the nutritional values for protein, salt, fat, fiber, cholesterol, carbohydrates as well as sodium content displayed.

The weighing surface is where you weigh the food you want to consume, featuring an easy to clean stainless steel plate.

It is not only available in stainless steel, but it is also available on a glass platform and so on.

Usually, these are user-friendly, as you can see from the frequency of use; also, they are compact and light, making it easy to take it anywhere without hassles.

Furthermore, they operate with batteries, and you can use them in average room temperature.

The digital nutritional food scale is available in different sizes, shapes, and price ranges. Most designs are sleek, as said before, making them quite portable.

Because of the variations in sizes, shapes, and prices, you have to search diligently to get the correct model that serves your needs. 

Choosing is not an easy task; there are many markets. If you are a new buyer and you are finding it hard to get the best food scales, this review is right for you.

You will not only learn about the best brands on the market, but you can also learn how to get the best through this buying guide. Keep reading to discover the best.

Best Food Scale

1. Etekcity – Digital Kitchen Scale with APP Control

etekcity nutrition food scale
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Etekcity nutritional food scale is excellent and serves for multipurpose use. It features a nutritional calculator for calorie, macro as well as keto and weight loss. The device communicates through Bluetooth technology.

It is an award-winning digital food scale and features a large platform as well as a slim profile. Its corners are rounded and feature a tapered edge.

Besides, it features a stainless steel surface, which is very simple and easy to clean. It is compatible with different smart devices.

This model shows its information in a large display, and it can pair easily with VeSync, a free app that you can use to work out your nutritional intake on your smartphone.

Multiple Measurement Units

It measures in different units and formats depending on the type of food. For milk, it weighs in milliliters, the same as for water. It can also measure in ounces, pounds, and grams. This model is great for local and international use.

Tare Function

One of the key features users consider when they look for this kind of product is the tare function — not weighing the container itself — weighing only the ingredients and liquids in your container. It has an excellent sensor.

Very Easy to Clean

It is effortless and easy to clean. The food calculator is designed with fingerprint-resistant technology. It is easy to wipe it using a cloth after use. Perhaps the best user-friendly model on the market today.

Quality Design

It is well-crafted, featuring rounded corners and having anti-skid padding. This food scale is exquisite and stylish. It is perfectly designed, and it is suitable for any kitchen.


  • It shows detailed nutrition facts on display like calories, carbs, and protein
  • You will get instant access to built-in 8,000 USDA food database, add and customize your food data as needed 
  • The app works with Bluetooth on iOS and Android
  • It’s simple to clean after use
  • It’s useful with diabetes/dieters measurements
  •  All the nutrition data is reliable and up-to-date
  • It’s light, portable and easy to store
  • It’s easy to use and easy to connect with Bluetooth


    • Difficulty weighing under 3 grams’ food
    • Sometimes we couldn’t add our food in the VeSync app (e.g., Swerve Sweetener)

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2. Ozeri – Ultra Thin Professional Digital Kitchen Food & Nutrition Scale

ozeri digital food scale
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Ozeri is thinner than most other models out there, designed for a professional cook. If you want accurate and near-perfect information about the nutritional composition of foods you want to consume, you can consider this one.

It features the latest sensor technology, which means that it can offer you very detailed information about nutritional composition and weight. The scale result graduated in 0.05 or 1g.

It is compact; it does not reach half an inch. It’s user-friendly and great for travelers. It is the lightest you can get on the market, making it more portable.

Even though it is portable and sleek, it remains one of the most solidly constructed in the industry. The surface features a stainless steel material. It is not difficult to clean the surface.

Another unique feature of the scale is that it is simple to use, and performs multiple functions. The maximum weight capacity is 11lbs, and the minimum food capacity is 0.05 ounces.

It can display its information in different formats such as ounces, grams, kilograms as well as pounds. Whether you use American (Imperial) or the international metric system, you will find it easy with this product.


Ozeri is the thinnest food scale on the market today. Because of that, it is portable and lightweight.


Ozeri also uses the most innovative sensor technology in the market today. It can boast of 4 high precision sensors. You are sure of accurate measurement when using this product.

Easy to Use

It features two oversized buttons for quick operation. Furthermore, it displays on a large LCD screen, and you can easily decode the readings.

Versatile Functions

It can perform tare functions, as well. Not only finding out the net weight of ingredients but also works out nutritional content.


  • Precision tare feature calculates the net weight of the ingredients
  • It’s one of the thinnest food scales on the market
  • Good for diabetes or dieters
  • It’s sleek, easy to use and portable
  • It has a large LCD screen display
  • It’s easy to clean the stainless steel surface
  • It turns itself off if you don’t weigh
  • The scale comes with clear, easy instructions and a small book of calorie listings for foods
  • High-quality design


  • Batteries drain quickly and need frequent replacing
  • The auto-off feature does not give you enough time to weigh ingredients

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3. Greater Goods – Nourish Digital Kitchen Food Scale

greater goods nourish food scale
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Nourish Digital Kitchen Food Scale is the best nutritional calculator. It correctly displays nutritional content in more than two thousand foods.

The scale shows useful dietary content such as fats, calories, sugars, carbs, and so on in various foods, you want to consume.

From the information it displays, it becomes easier to ascertain the calories in the food. Furthermore, it can track the sugar content in food.

It works slightly different from similar nutritional scales out there. It displays its information in percent daily value, making it easy to track your daily total. Most importantly, it makes it easy to customize your food intake.

The digital scale is simple to use and easy to clean after use. It features a glass top surface, which you can wipe after use.

Besides, it features touchpad keys, which you can use to operate the device. The other exciting thing about this product is that it can work with any diet.

In record time, it supplies you with the right information. Because of that, it is pretty easy to control your food portions, and it makes it possible to make healthy dietary choices.

The maximum weight capacity at a time is ten pounds. It displays weight in grams and pounds. To make it easy to use, it shuts itself off after use.

In addition to the tare function, the product carries a five-year warranty. You can use it with batteries included when you order this product.

Easy to Use

One of the key features people consider when buying a digital nutrition food scale is the ease of use. This one is not difficult to use. It is self-explanatory, and you can learn everything within the shortest time.

Precise Information

It features everything you need to make the right decision. It ensures accurate measurement and displays all the nutritional facts. Furthermore, it reveals dietary facts such as total daily calories, fats, carbs, and so on.

Effective Customer Service

The company provides one hundred percent customer service when you require one. There are multiple channels to contact them.


It is portable, meaning that you can travel with it wherever you go. It is lightweight and processes information about two thousand foods and more.


  • It has a 5 Year Warranty
  • It has over 2000 programmed ready foods and can enter your custom foods
  • Works very well with entering the code
  • It provides all the information you need
  • Suitable for diabetes or dieters who are counting macros protein, fats, and carbs
  •  It’s light/attractive for the kitchen and very simple to use


  • It might be arduous looking up the food codes, and it can be hard to read
  •  To look up a number in a book with so many choices in, can sometimes be confusing

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4. ZooVaa – Digital Kitchen Food Scale for Nutrition Facts – 10-KDS-001G

zoovaa nutrition food scale
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Inadequate dietary food consumption is responsible for most of the health challenges affecting many people across the world today. The Zoovaa nutritional food scale is introduced to deal with that problem.

It is now easier to analyze and weigh the nutritional content of the foods you consume. This model is for health-conscious individuals.

It features a high precision sensor, offering an accurate reading of the food you consume, making it more accessible in planning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It weighs your foods in different formats such as pounds, ounces, milliliters, and grams. It is easier to determine the quantity and quality of the foods you consume.

High Precision Sensors

The digital scale uses precision sensors. It delivers accurate reading and measurement.

It displays its readings in different formats such as ounces, pounds as well as fluid ounces, millimeters, and grams. In addition to that, it ensures better weight accuracy.

Measures Many Pre-Stored Foods

The device is programmed to measure about 999 various kinds of foods pre-installed in the system, which can include your customized foods — referring to those foods you frequently consume.

It can work on such foods as vegetables, nuts, fruits, cereal, dairies, meats, kinds of pasta, pastries, and so on.

Durable Construction

Furthermore, the device is durably constructed. It is designed using the finest quality materials available in the industry. Because of the durable construction, you can use this for some years.

Easy to Clean And Saves Space

The food scale is easy to clean, designed with a tempered glass, which is simple to clean. Just wipe away the leftover using a damp towel. Because of the sleek design, you can easily store it away after use.


  • High precision sensor
  • Programmed with 999 food types, and 99 custom entries allow your scale to display
  • It will also calculate calories, salt intake, protein, fat, carbohydrates, cholesterol and fiber
  • It’s easy to clean, wipe away any leftover food with a damp towel 
  • Portable and space-saving
  • It’s easy to use and helps with the daily meal
  • Scratch and heat resistant


  • It might be hard to read the display
  • Not possible to add additional codes for your products

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5. Escali – SC115KS “SmartConnect” Kitchen Scale

escali nutrition food scale
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Escali SC115KS is the best solution for diet conscious persons. It connects to your mobile device through Bluetooth technology.

The nutritional food scale can analyze 35 nutrients available in well of eight thousand foods and shows information through an LCD digital display. Using this device, you can plan your diet very well.

If you want an accurate precision scale to monitor your diet, this is the perfect solution — the Escali measures in tablespoons and cups.

It is simple to use, it is as simple as pressing a few buttons, and it connects instantly. You can rely on this to achieve the perfect lifestyle you deserve. It also has beautiful features.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The digital food scale connects to your mobile phone and other smart devices through Bluetooth technology. It does this in low energy.

Lightweight And Heavy-Duty Construction

The device is portable. It weighs 11lbs and can process more than eight thousand different food types. You can take it anywhere you like, due to the compact design.


Most importantly, Escali is the most user-friendly digital nutrition food scale in the market today. It features a smooth glass surface.

With its touch-sensitive control, it is easy to use the system. After use, you can easily clean it up. You have everything you desire when you use this model.

Smartphone Compatibility

The food scale is compatible with different smartphones, such as android and iPhone. It is easy to track food nutrition.

Besides, it features a kitchen timer and performs a tare function and can analyze healthy ingredients.
It weighs foods for cooking, baking as well as consuming. The device shuts off automatically.


  • It is modern and sleek
  • A smooth glass surface with touch-sensitive control makes it clean-up fast and easy 
  • It Analyzes up to 35 nutrients from a database of over 8,000 food items
  • You can save the measurements in a private food journal
  • It works great with the iPhone/iPad app
  • Bluetooth feature works very well


  • Not compatible with android
  • It needs a little work on the database to find foods

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Decisions to Guide Your Food Scale Selection

One of the things making it impossible for many buyers to make a choice is due to the large numbers of nutrition food scales on the market.

For interested shoppers, comparing the available information about such products is time-consuming and tedious. If you are finding it hard to make a choice, the following guide will assist you in making the right purchase.


Here Are Some Factors to Consider:

Can It Calculate Vitamin & Mineral Content?

The food scale should be able to count calories and other nutrition facts. Consider those real things you want from real food and ensure that it can count them.

Apart from that, it should be able to calculate the vitamins and mineral contents in the food you eat.

This means that it must be able to breakdown the nutritional substances in the food into its various components such as carbs, fats, cholesterol, protein, fiber as well as sodium, and so on.

If possible, look for a product that can provide values for saturated fat and total fat. From that, it is easier to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy.

If you are planning to shed excess weight, it will be helpful if you determine the number of fats, proteins, carbs, and sodium you take in per day and meal. It is allowing you to achieve your aim quickly.

In addition to that, consuming the right quantities of minerals and vitamins will make it possible to achieve proper cardiovascular health.

Because of that, one of the critical factors to consider when you are looking for this kind of product is how it will bring down the nutritional components of food. It must breakdown the vitamins and minerals components.

Does The Scale Indicate Glycemic Index Or GI Values?

Many health experts recommend the consumption of low glycemic food for effective weight loss.

If your aim of using the food scale is for weight loss, you might as well look for a product that can indicate GI (Glycemic Index) values in the nutritional calculations.

Low GI foods are beneficial; they cause fewer energy highs and lows. Furthermore, if you are suffering from problems with sugar, this is equally important.

You won’t get hungry unnecessarily.

We recommend that you consider a nutritional food scale with that capability, helping you achieve the lifestyle you want, along with maintaining good health as well.

How Many Food Items Are in The Database?

Moreover, modern food scales have inbuilt food databases. Check reviews online to determine the number of food database it has. This can help you in making the right purchase.

If it has hundreds of food items, it is good, because it can contain foods you already enjoy.

Focus on those that cover various food categories such as meat, vegetables, legumes, poultry, fruits, meat, dairy as well as fish, and baked foods. Check for products with those features.

Display Formats

Furthermore, which metric does it display its result? It is essential because it has to present the readings in a way that you can easily understand.

It should display in different formats such as pounds, milliliters, ounces, grams, and so on.

Customization Features

The best food scales are those that make it possible for you to customize your food entries. You should be able to add customizable listings giving you a variety of choices.


Also, you must consider the issue of cost. The amount you have in your pocket influences the choice you make in the end.

You must make your budget and consider the best food scale within that budget.

However, while considering the price, you should not compromise quality, which should form the most important buying criteria.

Ease of Use

The modern digital nutrition food scale should be comfortable and straightforward to use. It should be at the press of a button ready, fulfilling results desired.

Furthermore, the way it displays information matters, It has to manifest in LCD format so that you can easily understand it.

Cleaning after use is one of the factors to consider before buying this kind of product.

Compatibility with Apps

Most importantly, the digital food scale should be compatible with your smartphone, whether it is android or iPhone connecting through Bluetooth technology.

Durable & Portable

If you want to travel with your food scale, then the issue of portability is significant. Look for the compact and lightweight models.

It is easier to move such products from one place to another. Besides, it has to be durable so that it does not damage during transit.



The digital nutritional food scale is all you need if you want to eat great dietary food.

There are hundreds of such food scales in the market today, and this makes it practically impossible for a novice buyer in making a choice, minimizing that problem, the best of such food scale products are here.

We hope that we have given enough information on choosing the best Food scale that will suit your needs.

The buying guide provided above will be of immense help when you are looking for this kind of product. After carrying out several hours of research, the best digital food scale is reviewed and recommended here.

 We are always excited about planning our meals with the right amount of fats, proteins, and carbs; it affects our new healthy lifestyle, and a Nutritional food scale is a fantastic tool to own in helping with our dietary goals.

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    Thank you for your review about this nutrition food scale. Nowadays I try to live a healthy lifestyle and for me it is important what I eat. With this scale I could be aware of everything I eat. No more unuseful snackings between meals! Among the pros you mention: ’it helps keep tracks of nutritional facts’. Does it really mean no manual recordings are needed to look back what I’ve eaten during the day? If so, than it’s really fantastic! I hope to read new posts with new ideas how to live in a healthy way.

  2. Fiona Chan

    Thank you for this useful article. I think having a nutrition food scale is really useful for us to stick to a healthy diet. The guide of choosing a good nutrition food scale is comprehensive. Among the above options, I think I would choose ZooVaa – Digital Kitchen Food Scale for Nutrition Facts – 10-KDS-001G, this one has a lot more kinds of foods pre-installed in the system. And I like its detail calculation of all kinds of nutrients.

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