8 Best Keto Sweeteners of 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Sugar, we all pretty much love it but only if it were a lot more healthier instead of just being sweet. We have tried quite a lot of the healthier natural sugar alternatives, basically, the keto-friendly sweeteners listed below are suitable for people with diabetes and they can at the same time prevent the onset of diabetes for those who are at risk.

Sure they can be more pricey than regular sugar, but when it comes to health you can end up saving in the long run especially when it comes to medical bills.

Sugar has been said to be a contributing factor to most lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, etc. Many people find it hard in completely removing sugar from their diets especially when it comes to snacks and drinks.

Start Reducing Sugar – It’s The Number 1 Drug

Robert Lustig MD, revealed that sugar is addictive to the human brain as cocaine setting up the same dopamine triggers forcing you to crave more foods. The first thing you should do is to start reducing sugar!

Sugar eats your body from within, first attacking the stomach along with the entire gastrointestinal tract slowly destroying the body from the inside out.

Water Filter Faucet – The Solution to Save The Ocean

The PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) bottle is thus by far the most popular beverage packaging. There’s a solution to reduce it with the water filter faucet.

The facts about plastic waste is that researchers assume particularly by 2050 more plastics will be swimming in the sea than fish. This means that even more animals will die due to plastic parts being in their stomachs, and more will suffocate on plastic bags. Visualize fish swallowing microplastics instead of plankton. That’s a disaster for our ecosystem, unfortunately not enough people are reducing their use of plastics.

Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan – With 4 Easy Meal Choices

How did the Intermittent Fasting meal plan started?
Intermittent Fasting is actually thousands of years old. Our ancestors, who lived as hunters and gatherers, didn’t have nourishment all the time, nowadays is normal for us humans to have food available throughout. After all, the supermarkets have everything and are everywhere.

Before man settled down and learned to farm and raise cattle, food choices were not exactly guaranteed.

However, these involuntary days of fasting didn’t harm at all. They actually relieved the strain on the body and made it more resilient.

The Best Food Scale – Etekcity Nutrition Food Scale

Why Should We Eat Smart

It’s important to eat within your diet especially when doing Keto, macronutrients are important factors all around.
We had a normal food scale before, but it was too time-consuming calculating nutrition facts / macronutrients.

Finally we discovered the amazing Etekcity Nutrition Food Scale and that was our lifesaver for our Keto lifestyle.

Thanks to this new technology we are able to analyze and keep track of our fat, protein, carb intake etc.

12 Side Effects of Keto Diet – How to Cure Them

Why Do You Get The Side Effects of A Keto Diet?

The side effects of keto diet is, when you first start with keto, you may experience some changes within the first few days. Your body is used to burning sugar for its main energy source, now it has to find an alternative source to burn, which is FAT. This is when the liver comes into play producing ketones from fat stores already within the body.

Keto-Mojo Kit – The Most Accurate Way to Measure Ketosis

Product: KETO-MOJO Starter Kit

Product Dimension: 4 x 6.2 x 2.2 inches (10.1 x 15.7 x 5.6 cm)
Item Weight:
9.6 oz (272.1g)
Where to buy it:
Guarantee: Lifetime Assurance

The best way to test your ketones when you first start with keto, is the blood meter, because it’s the most accurate way to measure ketosis, it’s good to know where you are when you’re new!

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